Science Year 2021 in Karlsruhe

Ort der Möglichkeiten Wissenschaftsbüro Karlsruhe

In the competition between cities, location factors such as science, technology and universities are of enormous importance. Karlsruhe is excellently positioned in this respect: the fan-shaped city is the centre of one of the most successful economic, scientific and research regions in the whole of Europe and science is visible everywhere with its more than 40,000 students and 26 research institutions, including ten universities.

The Science Office of the City of Karlsruhe is committed to increasing the attractiveness of Karlsruhe for students, scientists and researchers and to becoming even better known beyond the region. For years now, it has been working closely with the various players in Karlsruhe's university and science landscape. The central task is to communicate scientific findings to the wider society.

This year, Karlsruhe is launching a new offensive of the successful "Place of Opportunities" campaign with new and established formats of science communication. Making science visible and starting a dialogue about innovations that make life in Karlsruhe and beyond sustainable and worth living - these are the goals of the Science Year 2021" series of events.