Depending on the current coronavirus situation and the state and federal guidelines, in-person events can be converted to hybrid events with online streaming and reduced personal attendance or executed completely digitally. Places and circumstances of events communicated in the program may change!

All in-person events of the KIT Science Week shall be conducted in accordance with the Baden-Württemberg Corona Ordinance (CoronaVO) of September 1, 2021:

  • Wearing face masks (also when seated) shall be mandatory. Face masks may be removed only when consuming drinks or food.
  •  At the entrance, a complete check on 3G (Geimpft (vaccinated), Genesen (recovered), Getestet (tested)) shall be carried out and participants’ data shall be collected. If you have registered online for the event, your registration data will be used in accordance with §8 of the Baden-Württemberg Corona Ordinance; while 3G will be checked nevertheless, there will be no need to fill in another form. In addition to proving their 3G status, non-registered persons will have to enter their personal data in a form provided. After admission, all persons approved will be handed out a wristband so that no new 3G check is required if they leave the location for a short time. For events outside the KIT premises, the Luca app may be used for check-in in addition.
  • Please refer to the "Program" section to inform yourself about the conditions applying to each event. Please understand that conditions may vary for individual events.

The majority of events are free of charge, please check the website in advance for any required registrations and ticket purchase.

If you encounter obstacles on the KIT campus and need assistance, call 0721/608-23340 at the North Campus and 0721/608-41803 at the South Campus. 0721/608-41803. For all other venues outside KIT we would like to ask persons with limited mobility to inform themselves about the local local conditions in advance.

For reporting and documentation purposes, photos and films will be taken at all venues during the Science Week.


Veranstaltungsorte der KIT Science Week
Venues of the Science Week

The digital SmartMobilityMap enables you to plan sustainable travelplanning to all KIT Science Week venues. Just scan the QR code - and you will receive a hint for your location to the next stop, the nearest Nextbike or E-Scooter with arrival time and estimated CO arrival time and estimated CO2 emissions for each means of transport! Also due to the limited parking facilities on site, we recommend to use public transport.

Click here for the "SmartMobilityMap", the digital map for the KIT Science Week, and learn all about the locations and sustainable ways to get there.

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