Robotik am KIT KIT

The KIT Science Week will comprise a broad spectrum of different events. It will be opened officially on October 5, 2021 with keynotes by well-known representatives of science, research, and politics on Campus South of KIT.

The scientific conference organized by Professor Tamim Asfour from October 6 to 8, 2021 will include keynote speeches by high-ranking scientists about AI research and subtopics, such as knowledge-based systems, pattern recognition and analysis, as well as robotics. The conference will also include a symposium of doctoral researchers. The conference will be complemented by parallel international massive open online courses (MOOCs) and guided tours on the campus of KIT.

In the evening hours, events for the public will be organized, in which artificial intelligence will be explained and critically analyzed and the relevance of AI to the future of our society will be highlighted.

Guided tours, workshops, and entertainment programs will complement the Science Week. In October 2021, the whole city of Karlsruhe will tackle the many controversial issues relating to artificial intelligence. More information on the program and all highlights of the first KIT Science Week will be provided on this site soon. Get a first glimpse into the program in our KIT Science Week information brochure.

The Human in the Center of Learning Systems

Focus of the KIT Science Week 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-based technologies and applications will determine our future everyday life, work, and society far more than they do today. Learning systems provide tremendous opportunities to shape our information society and to establish safe and environmentally compatible mobility. Visions and questions relating to learning systems, also in the context of digitization, will be in the focus of the KIT Science Week 2021.

Artificial intelligence is advancing at high speed, it has an enormous change potential which most probably will be of revolutionary character. Generally, it will be important to use AI for the society’s benefit. At KIT, we therefore consider it our responsibility not only to push the development of new technologies, but also to analyze their impacts and consider their risks from the very beginning. The events of the KIT Science Week will deal with precisely these potentials and risks.

KIT’s vast expertise in AI is acknowledged worldwide. KIT forms part of an extensive network with strong partners from industry. This specially applies to the areas of robotics, automation, autonomous systems, and human-machine interaction. During the KIT Science Week, activities for the public to participate, exhibitions, presentations of films or panel discussions will provide fascinating insight into KIT’s competences in the area of learning systems. Enjoy a diverse program relating to the thrilling diversity of learning systems.